The Benefits of Having A College Mentor

College is the time that many students are trying to find themselves and what career and path they want to pursue. While many have an idea of what they want to do, it is important to have someone who is already in a position that you aspire to be in to talk to. This way you can ask questions, and learn from their mistakes and successes.

Providing A Different Perspective

Mentors provide a different perspective for students in college. Going to classes and gaining the knowledge skills there are invaluable however stepping into the real world and being prepared is totally different. It is important to have both that knowledge as well as insight into what working in an industry is like. A mentor can tell you their experiences in the industry, how they got to the position that they are in, as well as give a different perspective from educational learning as to what it is like.


In any industry, networking is extremely important to be able to make key connections to get you in the door and start out your career. Having a mentor gives you that connection while you are still in college and also helps you make other connections in the industry when they introduce you to their colleagues and friends. Growing your professional network in college is important to launch your career and get a great start.


School can be hard and sometimes it can be disheartening if you are turned down from an internship, get a bad grade, or don’t land a job right away. It can be hard to talk to parents or even fellow students about these things. Having someone to confide in and talk about the roadblocks in your career is a great way to stay motivated as well as not feel so alone. Everyone has gone through roadblocks in their careers so having a mentor who can give you advice on what they did to recover, learn from their mistakes, and then succeed is inspiring and extremely beneficial.

A mentor is a great thing to have when you are in college and just starting out in your career. They can help to guide you in the right direction and give you insight as to what your future will be like. In addition, their advice can be invaluable when you are trying to make hard decisions.