GIVE was inspired by the want to improve the local community and be civically engaged. The purpose of GIVE is to invest in the next generation by providing opportunities to youth they would not otherwise have access to in the fields of education, empowerment, and leadership. We have multiple programs that focus on education and emphasize the importance of learning as well as help develop an enthusiastic view towards it.

Our mission: The mission of GIVE (Growth and Inspiration through Volunteering and Education) is to promote the leadership of youth through projects that will improve the quality of life in their communities.

Our projects and programs:

  • Free tutoring
  • Publication of Children’s Book
  • RecQuest Summer Program
  • AP/SAT book drive

Children’s Book:

Our main goal with this book was to spread the word about education, cultural and religious tolerance, as well as awareness of bullying. The book, titled “ Being Different is what Makes Us Special!” is being distributed to elementary schools across Virginia to bring awareness to these issues, especially in relation to bullying awareness. The book is available for purchase for people who want to spread the message to with their community.

AP/SAT Book Drive:

Often these study aid guides are tossed or forgotten about after people use them. GIVE so this opportunity to collect lightly used books from people who no longer needed them and distribute to high school students in the DC area who want to take these courses or tests next year but do not have the resources to purchase these guides. In 2014, we collected over 280 books! These are a great resource for students taking these classes and has provided students educational opportunities that they wouldn’t have had access to before.

Fairfax County Summer RecQuest Program:

The goal of this project was to increase and foster STEM interest in elementary students. GIVE worked with students 1-2 days a week for two hours during the summer months on science projects and demonstrations. It was a great way to provide educational opportunities, boost students enthusiasm for learning, as well as be able to educate students during the summer months so they don’t forget what they learned during the school year.

GIVE is the largest student-led 501(c)(3) non-profit in the Washington D.C. area and provides many tutoring services throughout the county for K-6th grades. You can get involved with GIVE by contacting us. Improving educational opportunities for the next generation is beneficial to everyone! Our programs leave a lasting impact on today’s youth.